COLLEGE 2 CORPORATE Internship Program

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  Our 10-week paid summer internship program will give you a unique inside look into your field, along with valuable real-world experience.


   Our goal is to provide you an experience that puts theory into practice as you apply classroom knowledge.

You need skills and experience to add to your resume.

We need innovative thinkers and hard workers.

Come work for us, and your experience at PRA will work for you.


“Similar to many college students, the C2C program was my first experience in a corporate setting. Nevertheless, it enabled me to validate my chosen career field as something I truly enjoyed and it matured my abilities as a statistician.”
Sara Bendrick, Summer 2014 Intern, Core Acquisitions
Class may be over, but the curiosity doesn’t have to end. Interns at PRA will be engaged in a robust and meaningful real-world corporate experience.


   Intern contributions start on day one, working on significant
assignments and participation in department tasks. Throughout
the summer, you are responsible for projects which have a direct
effect on profitability and the overall quality of the business.

  The internship experience enables you to develop positive
work habits
, manage a project individually, and directly
interact with staff members and high-level management.




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